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MyTrickSource is now about SEO and Content Marketing

Let me introduce you first something about our Blog. Some of you might know about me that I am the owner of MyTrickSource and I Share Android Tips, Installation Guides and off course on Facebook, How to Easily Hack Facebook Account (a post in MyTrickSource Page) which I posted back in 2013. Though I do not post any hacking article as of now and this blog is no way to Hacking or Blackhat technique.

SEO and Content Marketing

Why I Changed my Niche from Android to Content Marketing?

Well, this might seems quite horrible. Android and Content marketing is completely different, Right? Let me explain to you what is the reason behind it. I was a JNV (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya) Student, and I started Blogging back in 2010 during 2 Month JNV Vacation. I made some blog, and the following things occur:
  1. Failure in smartwinsoft.blogspot.com (2010-11)
  2. Failure in androidusercommunity.blogspot.com (2011-12)
  3. Failure in techdonor.blogspot.com (2012)
  4. Huge Success in MyTrcikSource.blogspot.com (1st January 2013 to 1st October 2013) (But left Blogging for two years)
  5. Penalized idroidhorizon.blogspot.com (2015-15)
  6. Got Penalized by Google in www.droidphoria.com (2015-17)
Failure is not a Big issue for the first three blog. I was completely newbie at that time. You might be thinking about number 4, right? As I already mentioned already, I was a student of JNV which is backed up by Central Government of India where no Laptops, PC or Mobiles are allowed. However, I did Blogging during vacations only. One of my JNV Vacation in 2013 was so lucky which made me drive 1300+ Visitor with more that 40,000-page view per day. What I did is, Pumped my Blog SEO with some Tricks which I learned from MyBloggerTricks. However, going forward, I got back to my FiveStar Jail (JNV) for studying Science. I left Blogging for two years (yes even on vacation, I did not Blog up) and there is no way to get even 200 Pageview per day on MyTrickSource.

After Completing Class 12 from JNV, I again started Blogging with the same topic “Android”. The Blog was iDroidHorizon, and I got quite Success as I was having some experience of MyTrickSource. However, the Black day of iDroidHorizon comes when I Shared Some Hacked/Cracked Games for Android. Google Kicked me out of the Clan (in COC Language), haha joking. You know that!

Again, I left Blogging for a year because I had taken Admission in Resonance for Engineering Coaching. Finally, in 2017, I got Admission in B-Tech as well as time to start Blogging again. Almost 40% of my Blogging knowledge washed away from my brain, and I had some old tips for SEO. I started droidphoria.com and the following mistake I did:
  • Successfully Builds some LOW-Quality Backlinks
  • Created very Poor Quality Links in some Unindexed  Forum (foum.oneplus.net, forum.xda-developer.com, etc.)
  • 100+ LOW-Quality NoFollow Backlinks by Blog Commenting on some cheap Blog (via DropMyLink.com Research).
Finally, New Google Update Penalized me which let me sell Droidphoria at a very cheap Bucks. On this Blogging Journey of 7 years, Whatever I learned Good from Blogging is Search Engine Optimization. This is the reason why I Changed my Niche from Android to SEO. MyTrickSource is going to Cover the following things from now:
  1. Content Marketing Guides
  2. DeCode the Secret of Pro SEO Techniques
  3. Remove the Anonymous Mask of Pro Bloggers
  4. Countless Coupons of various Hosting (like Bluehost, Godaddy, Dreamhost, Hostgator, etc.)
  5. Countless Coupons of SEO Tools (Like Grammarly, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.)
  6. MyTrickSource Weekly Giveaways
  7. Templates
  8. Various Tips and Tricks
  9. Also, much more Blogging Stuff
Well, these will be the free content of MyTrickSource. Soon, we will be Opening an MTS Paid Service Gateway too. For any Query, You can contact us here.

Thank YOU. Happy Blogging. Stay Tuned to get our latest Blogging Guides.

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