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Transfer Data between Phone, iOS, Android with Bump

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Bump is the simplest way to use your phone to combines with other ones in the real world. Bump Team begun Bump to explain a major difficulty with wireless phones as powerful as they have become, they are still attractive ineffective for combining in the genuine world, with genuine persons, locations, and things. Bump group are changing that. Bump was born as a simple iPhone app for swapping communicate data conceived by their three founders, but as Bump group user groundwork increased, so did their dream. Bump group now have more than 115 million downloads, and a dream of altering the way people use their mobile devices. Bump group includes some of the smartest and most talented developers and designers in Silicon Valley, and Bump group all share a widespread goal to build something persons desire and have joy doing it. Bump was part of Y Combinator's summer 2009 batch, and their development has been fueled by some of the Valley's peak investors and VCs, like Ron Conway, Ram Shriram, Sequoia Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz. Bump group are founded in downtown Mountain outlook, the epicenter of Silicon Valley, meagre steps from Caltrain to San Francisco.

Here we are with a completely amazing software through which you can transfer almost all the data of your phone to iOS to Android and vice-verse.
Bump is really something 'Next Gen' the technology and the Brains involved in it are simply marvelous.You might not be clear as to what we mean but all your confusions would get resolved after reading the whole tutorial. ;-)

Step 1: To initiate the connection between 2 device, place the devices close to each other and Bump The Devices Together (yes we have to go by what the name says) and bump will establish a  secure connection.

Step2: Once The link has been created Accept/Deny the connection.

Step3: After both the devices have successfully been 'Bumped' (connected) the data transfer will begin.

    What more you can also share your contacts/photos and pictures. Just Follow the on screen instructions and you'll be good to go ;)

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