How to Enter Recovery Mode on Any Android Device

Recovery mode in Android presents a number of added actions that you can present on an Android phone and tablets. You can manually install System updates, wipe data / factory reset or wipe cache partition. And if you have a Custom recovery installed on your phone, you get more options to install Custom ROMs, present Nandroid backups and even modify your phone with diverse system fine-tunes.

You can get access to recovery mode with diverse methods. We favour the hard way by running the ADB order from our computers, but there are easier procedures as well. First, you can get access to to recovery mode by pushing the key blend on an Android device (i.e. Volume Up + Power buttons) or by rebooting into Recovery Mode utilising an app.

Procedure 1: How to go in Recovery Mode with Android App [Root Needed]

We will be following the app procedure underneath for quickly accessing the recovery mode. It is actually easy and hardly engages any steps other than establishing the needed app on your Android phone.
NOTE: This app needs root access. Do not install if you do not understand what is root get access to. If you do not have root get access to, read underneath for method 2.

Quick Boot

Step 1 - Download Quick Boot from Google Play Store and install it.

Step 2 - Open the app, you will see 4 choices: Reboot, Recovery, Bootloader, Power Off.

Step 3 - Just tap on ‘Recovery’ and you phone will reboot into Recovery Mode automatically.
Easy, isn’t it? This is by far the easiest procedure to get into Recovery Mode if you do not understand the exact key blends for your Android device.

Procedure 2: How to go in Recovery Mode with ADB

This is another procedure how you can go in recovery mode on your phone. You can use this procedure when you do not understand the direct key blend or don’t have root access to effortlessly enter recovery mode utilising the app cited overhead.

Step 1 - Make certain ADB and Fastboot is configured on your PC. This is important.

Step 2 - Attach your Android device to your PC with a USB cable and install ADB drivers (if needed).

Step 3 - Navigate to android-sdk-windowsplatform-tools directory and open Command punctual (Shift + Right-click anywhere in the folder > Open Command Prompt).

Step 4 - Type in the following command and press Enter.

                          adb reboot recovery

Step 5 - Your Android device will turn OFF and then boot into the recovery mode. Navigate up and down utilising the volume keys.

If you need any help considering this, seem free to drop us a commentary underneath and we will reply back as shortly as possible.


  1. Hi, I have an Lg Optimus G pro (E988)rooted I tried your method of using Quickboot but after rebooting into recovery mode the screen does not move beyond the recovery mode icon?

    Please help

  2. Hello! I have a problem with my android device.The model is GT-S7562. I can't open the recovery mode. I saw its name is Samsung GALAXY Trend DOUS. volume up+home+power or anything I have tried seem there are not possible with my phone. Help me please!